FRENCHTOWN Restaurants Are on the Wrong Side of the River for Dining Capacities

(FRENCHTOWN, NJ) From downtown, you can easily see across the Delaware River into neighboring Pennsylvania, and it’s just a quick walk across the pedestrian-friendly Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge. Yet, despite their close proximity, Delaware River towns, like Frenchtown, are forced to cap indoor dining at only 25 percent capacity, a Garden State policy limit set to combat COVID-19. Meanwhile, towns like nearby New Hope, Pennsylvania, can seat double the patrons, thanks to a more lenient Keystone State policy.

“I have heard other restaurant owners complaining that, just across the river, that they could have 50 percent capacity, and people are just going there instead a lot of times,” said Chris Ventura, co-owner of Vagabond BBQ, in an article on

Hunterdon County restaurants, like Vagabond BBQ, eagerly await a day when Pennsylvania restaurants will no longer have this advantage, but fear that it will not come soon enough, according to the article.

Vagabond BBQ opened in 2019, under the watchful eyes of Ventura and locally renowned pitmaster Martin Hadicke.