South Philly Style Soft-Pretzel Sandwiches Find Home in GLASSBORO

(GLASSBORO, NJ) It’s commonplace for people who grew up in South Philadelphia to make sandwiches with soft soft pretzels.

“Everybody in South Philly puts lunch meat or whatever on pretzels,” explained Tina Beres the co-owner of Peter & Sons Sandwiches on Delsea Drive. “My husband worked at Geno’s Steaks in the 80s. Federal Pretzel Company was up the street and he would sometimes grab pretzels and put steak on them for lunch.”

Since relocating to New Jersey, Beres said she and her husband, Peter, have brought the Philly tradition to South Jersey with the opening of their sandwich shop in 2018.

“By no means did we invent the soft-pretzel sandwich. But, we are the only ones in our area to use actual soft pretzels, and not a pretzel bun,” Beres said.

Peter & Sons offers many classic combos, for example, the cheesesteak pretzel sandwich (which you can order whiz wit or without).

“The most commonly asked question by new customers who have never tried our cheesesteak pretzel,” said Beres, “is it sloppy?” The answer? “Yes, it’s sloppy and that’s what makes it delicious!” she said.

Photo courtesy @peterandsonssandwiches on Instagram.