Supermodel Bella Hadid Enjoys Trip to White Manna and Cranberry Junction in HACKENSACK

(HACKENSACK, NJ) Bella Hadid may be one of the most recognizable models in the world, with nearly 34 million followers on Instagram alone, but when in North Jersey, she’s simply a White Manna and Cranberry Junction fan like the rest of us. Earlier this week, Hadid stopped by the two iconic businesses and shared her visit on social media.

“This is Bella & Daniel … and you’re watching Diners drive ins and dives: Best Friend Edition,” she posted along with snaps of her enjoying White Manna’s famous sliders along with frozen treat from Cranberry Junction.

On the same trip, Hadid also swung by Baumgart’s Cafe in Englewood.

To date, her North Jersey food crawl post has been liked nearly 1 million times.

Bella Hadid, who was raised in Los Angeles, is known for occasionally sharing her trips to restaurants in New Jersey and the surrounding area.

Photo courtesy White Manna.